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African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW)



African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) is a Pan-African Intergovernmental Organization which was formed in 2002 in Abuja Nigeria, primarily to promote cooperation, security, social and economic development and poverty eradication among member states through effective and sustainable management of the continent’s water resources, and provision of water supply and sanitation services.

In response to the mandate entrusted to AMCOW by the Head of States and Government summit at Shame el Sheikh in 2008 to monitor progress and report annually on the status of water and sanitation sector in Africa, AMCOW with the financial support from AWF, developed a web-based Pan-African water and sanitation sector monitoring and reporting system also referred to as WASSMO.

The WASSMO is a harmonized online system for monitoring and reporting on the status of water and sanitation sector across the 55 member states. The member countries designate an M&E focal person who is tasked with the responsibility to coordinate data collection and upload, for their respective countries. AMCOW has produced a series of water and sanitation sector reports over the years. In December 2018, the AMCOW Secretariat engaged services of two IWRM experts to review the previous WASSMO report – the 2018 Africa water and sanitation sector monitoring report, which is the second report that utilized the web-based monitoring and reporting system. It is against this background that AMCOW plans to undertake a comprehensive review of the WASSMO framework, and seeks to hire a technical expert(s) who will carry out specific tasks as outlined below.

1. CONSULTANCY to Review the WASSMO Framework and Monitoring Process

Objective of the Consultancy Assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is to review the process and framework used to monitor the water and sanitation sector in Africa and develop a roadmap for improved reporting of progress in achieving the Sharm el Sheikh Commitments and the SDG 6.

Scope of Work and Key Deliverables

The scope of this assignment entails undertaking a background research, system review, analysis and solution formulation for effectively monitoring and reporting under the WASSMO framework.

a. Propose a reporting structure for synthesizing the vision indicators and sanitation indicators

b. WASSMO indicators and reporting is reviewed;

c. Performance indicator reference sheet for WASSMO indicators is reviewed and validated;

d. Recommendations made for ensuring data availability and quality at Country level;

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Submissions of Applications:

Interested candidates for this task are encouraged to send in electronically,

their resume with a motivation letter not later than 12:00 (Noon) on Friday 8 November, 2019 to:

The Executive Secretary

African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW)

No. 11, T.Y. Danjuma Street, Asokoro District  Abuja, Nigeria.




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