Plan de Travail de l'AMCOW Imprimer

Over the past 8 years since AMCOW has been in existence there have been a range of commitments made by the political leadership in accelerating progress towards the achievement of the MDGs and the African Water Vision and Framework for Action targets for water and sanitation, and in the implementation of integrated water resources management, and water for growth and development.

Africa is a vast continent, with 54 countries with very levels of development, and challenges and capacities in pursuing progress towards water security. As the continent pursues its water agenda as articulated in the Africa Water Vision, the emphasis in now on implementation, and with that, on reporting in successes achieved so as to promote lesson-sharing and to be able to measure and evaluate progress in meeting the range of commitments made by the political leadership of the continent. In achieving this, a workplan that guides the key strategic activities in the African water sector, under the guidance and leadership of AMCOW, has been developed.

AMCOW’s workplan sets out key actions to be taken at four levels: AMCOW, regional, transboundary, and national (including local government). The intention is that this workplan will provide guidance to AMCOW, the five regions and to national governments on key actions to be taken to achieve the political commitments made in the water sector. One of the commitments made by African water ministers is that countries should internalise the actions of this workplan in their national plans and provide annual reports on their water security status and on progress on these actions. The workplan is not intended to be proscriptive, but rather to offer guidance for potential actions to be taken. Whether a region, RBO or country decides to include any particular action in its business or action plans must be dependent on the appropriateness of that action to their identified needs and priorities. This workplan will, therefore, form the basis of reporting on achievements against the commitments and targets. The appropriate reporting mechanisms are discussed in the section under reporting, below.

The workplan is divided into seven themes. Each of these themes is introduced through a short narrative, and is followed by a table setting out key actions to be taken at the AMCOW TAC, AMCOW regional TAC, transboundary or national level. The seven themes are:

Implementing these policies form the bedrock of the work which AMCOW is doing at the regional, sub regional and national governments levels working in partnership with our development partners, AMCOW friends, civil society and other relevant stakeholders.

You can download PDF copy of the AMCOW Work plan by a click.

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