DR Congo

Country Facts

Capital city: Kinshasa, largest city (main river port and international airport).
Area: 2344885 square km
National day: 30 June 1960.
Independence: 30 June 1960. Formerly Belgian Congo, Known as Zaire from 1971 to 1997
Population: 62,636,000 Languages: French (official), Kongo, Lingala, Luba, Mongo, Swahili.
Currency: Congolese franc.

DR Congo
TAC Rep:    Prof. Alain Buluku Ekwakwa
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  • Ministry of Environment, Natural Conservation, Water and Forestry, AMEMUE PAPA ILEO NO 15 C,GOMBE KINSHASA BP 761 KINZI
  • (+243) 99 99 46023
  • alainbuluku@yahoo.fr