Request for EOI: Support for the establishment of a Monitoring and Reporting System for the Water Sector in Africa Project





GRANT No.: 5600155005151

Recruitment of a team of 2 consultants to strengthen the Capacity of NCP in Member Countries to Collect, Monitor and Report on the Sharm El Sheikh Commitments.


1. Background:

The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) has receipt has funding from ADB/ AWF, to assist in financing the Support for the Establishment of a Monitoring and Reporting System for the Water Sector in Africa Project – Phase II: Strengthening Capacity Building and Learning; AMCOW is a Pan-African Intergovernmental Organization, formed in 2002 in Abuja Nigeria, with the primary aim of promoting social and economic development and poverty eradication, regional cooperation and security among its member states, through the effective use and sustainable management of the continent’s water resources, and provision of water supply and sanitation services. In line with the mandate entrusted to it by the Head of States and Governments (Sharm El Sheikh Declaration, 2008), AMCOW received financial support from the African Development Bank (AfDB)/African Water Facility (AWF) in 2014 to develop a web-based Pan-African water and sanitation sector monitoring and reporting system, abbreviated as WASSMO. This IT monitoring and reporting system was completed and launched for public use in August 2016.

The process of monitoring, evaluation and reporting is a significant part of AMCOW’s mandate, in addition to the various declarations, commitments and directives emanating from a series of statutory meetings. As a working group of the African Union specialized technical committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, AMCOW coordinates Africa’s water and sanitation sector monitoring and reporting process using a robust monitoring IT system (WASSMO), to help track sector progress to inform better decision making in accelerating access to safely managed water services and adequate sanitation facilities for all.

The WASSMO system and framework was recently reviewed with the aim of addressing some gaps identified during the previous 2018 national data collection campaign. It is based on this development that AMCOW seeks a team of 2 consultants to strengthen the capacity of member

countries and their understanding of the rationale for the revised WASSMO framework, and to address the challenges of poor data quality.


2. Objective of the Assignment

To strengthen the capacity of member country’s understanding on the revised WASMSO indicator framework for improved data collection and reporting.


3. Scope of Work

The scope of this assignment entails interviewing AMCOW M&E focal points to verify their capacity and monitoring needs, update the WASSMO framework guidelines document; and develop a training manual for improving member countries’ understanding of the revised WASSMO framework and system. This consultancy therefore encompasses capacity strengthening of national M&E focal points, and equipping them to train their respective national coordination technical teams to better monitor and report on the Sharm El Sheikh commitments.


4. Methodology

Purposively taking into consideration the Coronavirus situation and its effects on travels, this task will be delivered virtually. The scope shall include bringing on board selected countries that were slow / least able to respond to the 2018 data collection campaign.


5. Expected Output

For the completion of this assignment, the following deliverables are expected.


i. Capacity of country M&E focal points to train their respective national coordination teams in collecting and reporting of high quality WASSMO data is strengthened

ii. Ensure understanding of the rationale of the revised WASSMO framework and monitoring indicators by over 45 Member countries through the learning brief and revised indicator guidelines document to be developed

iii. M&E focal point’s capacity to monitor and report using the revised water and sanitation sector monitoring and reporting system - WASSMO framework and IT system is enhanced

iv. PowerPoint presentation for the training developed in English and French

v. Training manual developed

vi. One-to-one support to M&E focal points or monitoring technical teams during the WASSMO 2021 data collection campaign


6. Desired skills and competences

The team of 2 consultants must individually have the following skills and experiences.


· Proven experience in developing and implementing M&E system for water and sanitation interventions

· Proven record of previous work done not more than 2 years ago and example of an offline and online M&E system produced for any non-to-profit organization and how it was successfully implemented to achieve the goals of that institution

· Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

· Sound technical writing skills and experience in qualitative data analysis and interpretation, developing and validation of qualitative indicators of similar nature or context

· Working with diversified entities, multi-cultural backgrounds, especially with development water and sanitation sector in Africa

· Knowledge of AMCOW, issues and challenges of Africa’s water and sanitation sector will be an added value

· Excellent computer skills to include proficiency with Microsoft Office products; and analysis tools



7. Qualifications

§ Must have at least a master degree in any relevant field in: Integrated Water Resource Management-IWRM, WASH, development studies, or related fields

§ Demonstrable experience of at least 10 years in the area of water and sanitation monitoring and reporting processes

§ Deep knowledge of the Sharm el Sheikh commitments and WASSMO indicators, as well as working knowledge of the monitoring framework of Africa’s water and sanitation sector

§ Proven record of any previous work done not more than 2 years ago and example of an offline and online M&E system produced for any non-to-profit organization and explain how it was successfully implemented to achieving the goals of that institution.

§ One of the consultants should be fluent in French, while the second consultant should be fluent in English. Bilingual consultants will be an advantage.

§ Provide documentary proof of past experiences.

§ Good knowledge of AMCOW strategic priority areas with regards to water supply and sanitation services in the context of human and socio-economic development.


8. Start Date

This is a short-term consultancy. The team of consultant will commence work immediately upon contract negotiation, with the latest deliverables due date of March 5th, 2021.


9. Reporting Structure

a. Inception Skype meeting with AMCOW team to agree on the scope, approach, specific requirements for each task, timeframe for the consultancy;


b. A short interim report after the start and first milestone of the consultancy. This report should indicate the methodological approach, results obtained, difficulties encountered, proposals for solutions.


c. Final report that presents the tasks performed, the results obtained, the challenges and perspectives for further improvement / scalability.



10. Eligibility criteria, establishment of the short-list and the selection procedure shall be in accordance with the African Development Bank’s “Rules and Procedures for the use of Consultants”(Published in 2008, and revised in July 2012) which is available on the Bank’s website at


11. Submissions of Applications:

Interested candidates for this task are encouraged to send in their applications guided by the desired skills and competences and the qualifications stated above electronically, to include their resume, motivation letter and training methodology not later than 12:00 (Noon) on Friday February 19th, 2021 to:



The Executive Secretary

African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW)

No. 11, T.Y. Danjuma Street, Asokoro District Abuja, Nigeria. Email:

Tel: +234 9096074166