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Press Release

Members elect AMCOW into the World Water Council Board of Governors for 2023-2025

During the 9th General Assembly of the World Water Council from 10-11 December, members elected The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) into the Board of Governors for 2023 – 2025. The BoDs will promote water as politics and a means to render services to release and sustain the global sustainable development agenda.  

The World Water Council, an international multi-stakeholder platform organisation, is the founder and co-organiser of the World Water Forum. Its mission is to mobilise action on critical water issues at all levels. WWC engages people in debates and challenges conventional thinking at the highest decision-making level. AMCOW, on the other hand, works to provide political leadership, policy direction and advocacy in the provision, use and sustainable management of water resources in Africa.

As part of the AMCOW Strategy to consolidate engagement at the global level, AMCOW successfully bid to serve on the Board of Governors for the period 2023 – 2025. Under College1: International Organisations, AMCOW emerged as first with 184 votes, more than any other.

AMCOW’s function will strengthen WWC’s global efforts in mobilising collective action on the water for all purposes. AMCOW brings on board several years of significant contribution to shaping the agenda and focus of the World Water Fora. It will facilitate access to the African Union Heads of State and Government, Ministers responsible for water affairs and the Member States. Overall, the World Water Council will benefit again from AMCOW’s experience in successfully coordinating the Africa Regional processes for the 5th, 6th and 7th editions of the World Water Forum. AMCOW will contribute to the sub-themes and format of the 10th Forum – “Spare and Share Water”. It will also drive the mobilisation of a solid and impactful African presence at the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

AMCOW served on the World Water Council’s Board of Governors from 2008 – 2016 when it played critical roles at the 8th and 9th World Water Forums in Brasilia and Dakar.





The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) is an intergovernmental institution formed in 2002 in Abuja, Nigeria. AMCOW’s structure and organs serve as the working group on water and sanitation for the Specialized Technical Committee (STC) of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment (ARWE) of the African Union (AU). Our mission is to provide political leadership, policy direction and advocacy in the provision, use and management of water resources for sustainable social and economic development and maintenance of African ecosystems. For more information, visit  


The AfricaSan Conference is convened by the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) in conjunction with the African Union Commission and organized with other development partners. It represents a political commitment at the highest level. The conference draws at least 1,000 participants from governments, regional institutions, international partners, the private sector, the scientific community, civil society, and the media from all over the world. The AfricaSan Conference offers a platform for stakeholders in Africa’s sanitation and hygiene services delivery to collectively share lessons and formulate solutions to the sector’s challenges.

 Held biennially, the AfricaSan Conference has been institutionalized as one of AMCOW’s flagship platforms to accelerate the achievement of sanitation and hygiene goals in Africa. The other is the Africa Water Week. The two knowledge-sharing and accountability platforms are within the framework of motivating action to achieve the targets of the Ngor commitments, the SDGs; the Africa Water Vision 2025; and related goals of Africa’s Agenda 2063.


AfricaSan Conference

The 7th AfricaSan conference is scheduled to take place on 12 – 16 June 2023 under the auspices of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) in conjunction with the African Union Commission and supported by several partners. The overall aim of the conference is to

facilitate dialogue and sharing of knowledge and enhance the path towards achieving Sanitation and hygiene targets in Africa.

Specific objectives of the conference

The specific objective of the conference is to contribute to the overall goal:

  • To accelerate action to ensure adequate and equitable, safely managed sanitation and hygiene service provision for all, including women and girls and eliminate open defecation by 2030.

The conference is structured based on the following components:

  • Online registration and payment platform
  • Mobile application for dynamic event management
  • Registration Management
  • Protocol and reception
  • Transportation management (vehicles)
  • Accommodation
  • Ceremonies management (Opening, closing, awards, evening eve of conference networking and gala dinner)
  • Room and accessory management
  • Simultaneous translation system (equipment and translators)
  • Management of technical and tourist visits
  • Secretariat management
  • Paramedics services
  • Media management and journalists
  • Exhibition
  • Communications
  • Management of consumer events
  • Financial and accounting management

The conference target is tentatively planned to include the following:

Conference streamEight conference streams consisting of plenaries, country dialogue, sector dialogue, thematic sessions, ministerial dialogue, side events, exhibition, and field trip
Thematic sessionsAround 50 – 70 thematic sessions are to be organized over the conference period
Exhibition areaAround 50 exhibition points
Expected participants500 – 1000.
RoomsTen (10) rooms for sessions, secretariat, bilateral, paramedics,

To this end, expressions of Interest (EOIs) are invited from professional Events Management Firms of international repute to support AMCOW and the Local Organising Committee in the delivery of the AfricaSan7 conference.

2.1. Objectives of the Expression of Interest

This EOI aims to identify a plan to provide the best overall value to the 7th AfricaSan Conference. While price is a significant factor, more so now than in the past, other criteria will form the basis of the final decision.

Specifically, the selected firm will build on the achievements of AfricaSan5 in Cape Town, South Africa, to:

  • increase the AfricaSan Conference’s footprint and visibility;
  • develop and grow the conference exhibition component;
  • introduce an accountability element in the Conference’s overall format; and,
  • facilitate an increased amount of networking and relationship cultivation amongst actors in the sanitation and hygiene sector.

The Event Management firm will be responsible for delivering the entire conference, whose scope includes but is not limited to designing, branding, and overall event management.

2.2      Specific tasks for this assignment include:

2.2.1. Design and organise all streams of the conference:

  • Effectively plan and manage the arrangements of plenary sessions, country dialogue, sector dialogue, thematic sessions, ministerial dialogue, side events, exhibitions, award segments and field trips.
  • Participate in meetings as part of the preparatory process for the conference. This will include but not be limited to AITF meetings.
  • Engage support staff to ensure accurate timing of session transitions as well as provide general assistance during the conference period.
  • Attract sponsorship, exhibitors and continental and global participants to the conference
  • Contribute to the development and review of contents before upload as at and when necessary.

2.2.2. Information Technology (IT) Related services

  • Provide a portal for abstract collection and evaluation
  • Create and manage the conference website and app.
  • Provision and management of a seamless registration portal.
  • Provision of name tags with barcode scanners.
  • Establish a secretariat to manage all IT-related activities, including collation of presentations, ensuring rich and constant internet connectivity, provision of monitors, sound systems, etc
  • Rooms must be equipped for simultaneous interpretation in English and French.

2.2.3     Securing and managing the venue and accommodation

  • Secure conference venue. Ensure venue proximity to suitable accommodation, airport, and tourism sites.
  •  Ensure the conference facility has a hall suited for 1000 people, about seven (7) rooms that can accomodate100 – 200 people for parallel sessions, three (3) smaller rooms for secretariat services, meetings, and convenience facilities with walkways for tea/coffee dispensers
  • Ensure conference and meeting rooms are arranged before and after every session.
  • Arrange security and safety measures for a successful event.
  • Brand conference rooms and premises with information signs to aid identification and navigation within the conference vicinity and airports.

2.2.4      Hotel and restaurant:

  • The hotel/accommodation category must vary from 3 to 5 stars with preferential rates.
  • Recommended hotels must be listed on the conference website with pre-arranged pickups and drop-offs to and from hotels and conference venues.

2.2.5. Conference souvenirs:

  • Provide branded souvenirs for all registered delegates
  • Gift items should include branded note pads, pens, bags and other items fit for an event of such magnitude.

2.2.6. Exhibition Area

  • The conference venue should accommodate an exhibition area of 2000 M2 which will run in parallel with the main conference activities.
  • Water, coffee, and tea must be organized within the exhibition area throughout the conference period.

2.2.7. Communication and marketing

  • Provide a Communication Plan
  • Distribute a daily newsletter of event updates
  • Ensuring Communication for the general public

2.2.8.    Welcoming participants

  • Have access to the participants’ flight plan
  • Greeting new arrivals at the Airport
  • Integrate the delivery of a “Welcome kit” (including a refreshment) to arrivals (luggage area of the airport)
  • Organize the Airport/Hotel Transfer via shuttle to be handled by the hotel.
  • Ensure the transfer of participants to their different hotels

2.2.9.    Health management

  • Ensuring the COVID-19 system
  • Ensure the health system throughout the event
  • Ensure the relationship with selected hospitals
  • Provide the list of pharmacies/health centres in the vicinity (hotels & conference venue)
  • Set up a PCR test centre on the Conference site for the duration of the conference, especially near departures.

2.2.10. Catering services

  • Provisioning tickets on electronic badges of all participants, including exhibitors
  • Establish a list of surrounding restaurants and shopping malls  
  • Arrange a meal for technical field visits
  • Provide two tea breaks and lunch during the conference. Water and coffee must be available at the strategic location within the event premises.

2.2.11.  Printing services:

  • Management of all conference-related printing in line with AMCOW’s in-house style and brand guidelines.

Applications for this assignment close on 23 January 2023.




The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) was formed in 2002 in Abuja, Nigeria, primarily to promote cooperation, security, social and economic development and poverty eradication among member states through effectively managing the continent’s water resources and provision of water supply services. The mission of AMCOW is to provide political leadership, policy direction and advocacy in the provision, use and management of water resources for sustainable social and economic development and maintenance of African ecosystems.

The Organs and Structures of AMCOW now serve as the Technical Working Group on Water and Sanitation of the Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment (ARDWE) of the African Union (AU).

AMCOW now invites interested suppliers or vendors to participate in the pre-qualification of suppliers for goods and services for two years from 31st January 2023 to 31st December 2024. This exercise will enable all suppliers who are interested in partnering with AMCOW for the supply of goods and services to get shortlisted as qualified AMCOW Suppliers/Vendors. This will make them eligible to fairly compete for any business opportunities available at AMCOW for the supply of goods and services.


  1. To search for new suppliers of various goods and services on the market.
  2. Create a list of suppliers per category who shall be used every time AMCOW has a requirement.
  3. To benchmark market rates, quality and competitiveness.
  4. Explore Innovative solutions.
  5. To develop local suppliers


An Applicant, and all parties constituting the Applicant, shall meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in AMCOW procurement:

  1. The applicant must have the legal capacity to enter into a contract;
  2. The applicant is not: Insolvent; In receivership; Bankrupt; or being wound up
  3. The applicant’s business activities have not been suspended;
  4. The applicant is not the subject of legal proceedings for any of the circumstances in (2); and
  5. The applicant has fulfilled his or her obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions.


The Applicant shall bear all costs associated with preparing and submitting its Application. AMCOW will, in no case, be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the prequalification process.


Prospective bidders are to submit pre-qualification / EOI documents for the category desired in two copies, each one for the technical bids and another for the Financial proposal packaged in sealed envelopes clearly marked pre-qualification documents for the desired category or Expression of interest.

A prospective applicant requiring any clarification of the prequalification documents may notify AMCOW in writing or by cable (hereinafter, the term

cable is deemed to include e-mail and telephone) at the client’s address indicated below.AMCOW will respond in writing to any request for clarification on the short-listing, which it receives no later than three (3) days before the

deadline for the submission of Applications.

Attention: The Chairperson| Internal Procurement Committee| AMCOW| No 11. T.Y Danjuma Street| Asokoro| Abuja


Tel: +234 9096074166


Suppliers can either send sealed bids or submit responses online.

6.1 Sealed Submission

All bids should be submitted at the AMCOW Secretariat, No 11, T.Y Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja. This is a physical channel for carrying out the RFP-related correspondence. The place and manner of submission are as given below:

6.2 Online Submission:

Suppliers can also send their responses online. Responses can be emailed to


The timeline for this proposal process is outlined below:

Activities                                                                      Date & Time

  1. RFP Response Proposal Deadline              13 January 2023 at 5.00 pm
  2. Evaluation                                                        16 – 20 January 2023
  3. Communication to successful bidders       23 – 27 January 2023


Evaluation CriteriaCriteria DescriptionWeightage (%)
1.Preliminary EvaluationIs the Vendor/Supplier qualified and registered to offer those Service / Goods? Vendor/Supplier should share Articles & Memorandum of Association Certificate of Incorporation Company Income Tax Clearance Certificate. Tax Registration CertificateDetailed Company Profile, stating current office address, email and phone numbers, with the CV of key staff.Audited Financials for three years.        30%
2.Technical CompetenceHas the Supplier/Vendor fully demonstrated the ability to carry out the service/deliver the goods? The supplier should: Demonstrate the ability to deliver the goods/services and share experience in similar works accomplished. Evidence of at least three (3) similar jobs’ successful execution and copies of award letters. Evidence of the firm’s registration with the relevant professional body or licenses. Evidence of financial capability, with reference from reputable commercial banks.Share innovative Solutions (if any)          60%
3. Completeness of SubmissionDid the Supplier/Vendor comply with the directions outlined in the pre-qualification document? Is their proposal clear, readable and the material easy to follow? All documents for submission must be transmitted with a covering letter under the firms/ company letterhead, bearing among others CAC registration number, contact address, phone and email  10%


  • EOI must be in English / French languages and signed by an official authorized by the bidder.
  • EOI submitted after the deadline for submission would be returned un-opened
  • All costs will be borne by the bidders.
  • Suppliers are not allowed to bid for more than one category.
  • AMCOW is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the procurement.

Pre-qualification Categories

Category 1

Provision of Office Products (Office supplies, Stationeries, computer consumables and accessories) IT Equipment, Supplies & Services, Power Backup and Power Regulation Equipment.

  1. Supply of IT equipment (Laptops, desktops, Servers, Routers, Switches, IT Accessories and consumables).
  2. Supply of Original Phones of one or more Brands like Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Techno and others.
  3. Repair and maintenance of servers, personal computers and laptops.
  4. This involves provision of IT support services at AMCOW Secretariat. The supplier should have qualified people and the ability to respond quickly to demands.
  5. Supply and maintenance of networking equipment, e.g., LAN cabling, Cisco equipment, routers and other accessories. AMCOW occasionally requires Networking equipment and solutions. Supplier should be able to deliver, install and support the equipment. AMCOW is not specific to any Model or Brand.
  6. Supply and Maintenance of deep cycle batteries and accessories, Inverters and solar equipment. Ability to supply and support. AMCOW is not brand specific.
  7. Supply and maintenance of UPS equipment, automatic voltage regulators/stabilizers and accessories. Ability to supply and support. AMCOW is not brand specific.

Category 2

Transport and Travel Related Services.

AMCOW will award an initial two-year frame agreement to one or two suppliers for the performance of these services:

  1. Ticketing services
  2. Events and other ground services.


  1. Accredited IATA (International Air Transportation Association) Travel agent duly licensed in Nigeria.
  2. Have a good track record of serving international organizations, EU institutions, Embassies, and Multinational corporations.
  3. Financial Soundness.
  4. Good reputation, with no involvement in or suspicion of corrupt or other malicious practices.
  5. Employs competent and qualified travel consultants, as evident in their cv.
  6. Maintains reliable facilities for online bookings/ airline reservations.

Category 3

Promotional Materials and Publications.

  1. Preparing conference communications,
  2. Development of documentaries,
  3. Knowledge curation and other KM activities,
  4. Library assistance,
  5. Content creation for social media,
  6. Production of branded materials,
  7. Graphic designs,
  8. Videography,
  9. Printing service.

Category 4

Simultaneous Interpretations, Translation Services & Hiring of Interpretation and Hybrid meeting Equipment’s;