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Programmes & Initiatives


AfricaSan is one of AMCOW’s path-breaker initiatives born out of the recognition that investment in sanitation has historically been seriously neglected on our continent and that addressing Africa’s sanitation…

Request for Quotation: Server Room and Network Upgrade

AMCOW intends to upgrade the Server Room and Network to make the Server containing the Africa Water and Sanitation Monitoring Database accessible to Member States and other Stakeholders 24/7.


Request for Quotation: Supply and installation of complete hybrid inverter solar system and cantliver steel solar car park

AMCOW requests quotations from interested vendors for the following for the supply and installation of complete hybrid inverter solar system and cantilever steel solar car park


Request for Proposal: Internal Audit Services

AMCOW plans to activate the Office of Internal Auditor as established under Article 65 of AMCOW’s Financial Rules and Regulations which will be charged with reviewing the internal controls, systems, processes and procedures of AMCOW to ensure they are effective and operate as intended.


Request for Proposal: Legal Retainership

The objective of the Legal Retainership is for the Attorney to act as a Legal Counsel and Advisor for AMCOW in all Legal matters that might affect the Secretariat and all other AMCOW Organs in the course of carrying out their day-to-day business.

Programmes & Initiatives

African Sanitation Policy Guidelines (ASPG)

The ASPG Initiative aims to provide support and guidance to strengthen the enabling environment for sanitation in Africa.

Programmes & Initiatives

Water and Sanitation Sector Monitoring and Reporting System (WASSMO)

WASSMO is a web-based system and tool designed for member countries in setting specific national, sub-regional and regional targets, for information generation and assessment, knowledge dissemination

Programmes & Initiatives

Africa Water Week

The Africa Water Week represents a political commitment at the highest level where governments, regional institutions, international partners, the private sector, the scientific community